Book Trailer for King’s Wiley Publication!

The TELLC team published the first of a series of book trailers for  Dr. King’s Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning book.

The book trailer series consists of very brief videos spanning overviews of the book, interviews with the author, and feedback from the field.

Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning introduces educators and students to the intersection of adult learning and the growing technological revolution. Written by an internationally recognized expert in the field, this book explores the theory, research, and practice driving innovation in both adult learning and learning technology, and illuminates a powerful approach to recognize and leverage these opportunities. Building on current trends and research in technology and its use, each chapter illustrates the need, opportunities, and examples of current and future technologies that scaffold adult learning, and provides comprehensive coverage of both current and emerging challenges.

At this time, the author and her team are developing and posting additional instructional resources for Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning.

  • The book has been written and designed to meet the needs of multiple audiences.
  • It can be used both as a textbook for classes which include the topic and as professional development book for teachers of adults.
  • The book features As with other books authored by Dr. King, colleges and universities are already using Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning as a focal point for faculty reading circles.
  • Practical, innovative, compelling and action-oriented: these are a few of the descriptions of King’s work to make the linkages among technology and adult learning exciting and applicable to teachers of adults.

To access these materials and gain more insight into the book’s focus and content, please visit the Wiley publisher site for this book at

Praise for Dr. King’s newest book

Kathleen P. King continues to surprise and delight me as she adds even more insights into adult education in this modern world. She has the unique ability to first and foremost capture the practical opportunities and challenges of educating adults, informed by immense personal knowledge, experience and understanding.  I felt affirmed as a professional and challenged to further strive, to grow and to excel as an adult educator.

–       Dr. Shirley Reushle, University of Southern Queensland, Australia