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Dr. Kathy King, Certified Professional Coach

Coaching and Mentoring for Professionals and Academics

Embracing Technology to Advance Faculty Development

Characterized by a compassionate spirit, keen insight and gentle humor, Kathy thrives on walking along side her coaching clients on the often otherwise isolated professional and life journey.

Support Is Here

From professional, to life, career and educational coaching, Dr. King and the Empowerment Team of Transformation Education LLC can help you identify, plan and reach your professional goals.

We have found many professionals, professors, educators, and doctoral students may be confused and searching for help in meeting the professional requirements set before them. Our Empowerment Team offers professional assistance and guidance on a personal and confidential basis for this very purpose.

Why Coaching?

  • 5 Reasons Why People Seek Professional Coaching
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The company is led by the renowned professor Dr. Kathy King, who has received over $13 million in funding, published 17 books, and is deeply committed to coaching other academics and educators. In addition to her professional achievements in academia, she is a specialist of research in adult and higher education. She has an earned doctorate in these areas as well as 2 masters and a BA, as well as being a certified professional life coach. Our team of professionals is eager to personally support your career development.

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Let Us Explore New Opportunities with You on Your Professional Journey

Personal and Professional Transformation

Personal and professional transformation are central to our vision and commitment at Transformation Education.

Contact us and let us know how we may begin to assist you with our professional coaching services.

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What People Say About Dr. Kathy King’s Coaching

  • Kathy King is an exceptional coach, especially given the wealth of personal, academic and business experience that she shares with her clients. She has a unique ability to inspire greatness in others through her positive outlook and contagious enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to have her as a coach, and I know she will continue to assist many to confidently open and pass through new doors in their lives. ~ Stephanie C (6/2009)


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Professional Coaching Services include, but are not limited to:

* Resume/Curricula Vitae (CV) revision and upgrade
* Assembling tenure, reappointment, and promotion materials
* Navigating the tenure, reappointment, and promotion process
* Web presence: Research, publications, blogs, web sites
* Grant writing support, guidance, and critiques
* Developing a publication agenda
* Navigating the publication process
* Publication services: copy and style editing
* Developing and planning your research agenda
* Instructional design guidance
* Curriculum design assistance
* Constructive teaching observations and critiques
* Academic and career consultations

Additional areas of support, instruction and seminars:

* Integrating instructional technology
* Distance learning
* Teaching adult learners
* Higher education instruction
* 21st Century lifelong learning
* Faculty development in higher education, k-12 and CBOs
* Innovative instructional approaches
* Transformative learning, critical pedagogy, constructivism and problem-based learning education
* Discovering your teaching style and meeting learners’ needs
* Corporate training and HRD
* Research methodology and design
* Mixed methods approaches, action research, grounded theory and qualitative research

Your Support Team

Transformation Education LLC and Dr. King are ready to help you meet the professional challenges now and ahead, including:

* applying for tenure, reappointment, or promotion, to
* developing and charting a research agendas,
* writing grants,
* developing a publication strategy,
* providing copy editing or style editing services, or
* creating or upgrading your web presence .

We have professionals fully experienced in all areas.

You do not have to be frustrated or confused any longer, because the Empowerment Team at Transformation Education LLC is standing with you.


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Contact us to discuss your needs and goals. A free, confidential consultation is available, with projects priced on a discounted package or a per hr basis.

If your needs for professional coaching or mentoring are not listed, we have many other services as well as a large referral network.

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